5 Digital Lessons
for the Future.

Digital is no longer just another channel. It’s your brand. Whether it’s online, mobile, or in-app, customers rely on digital more than ever.

Listen, learn and optimize

Be sure to listen to new and newly strained channels to understand what
customers are experiencing and create workflows to act on this information
quickly. Many customers will be shopping in different channels for the first time
and may have different expectations. Reporting on findings a month later
won’t help. It’s important to execute on listening, learning, acting, and optimizing
in the moment so that you can make the changes necessary to keep your
customers happy and coming back.

Treat all customers like new customers

Shopping today is a new experience for nearly everyone, even your most
loyal customers. Long-time in-store shoppers are moving to digital purchasing
because of health and safety concerns. Digital shoppers are experiencing more
out-of-stock or delivery delays and might now be calling your contact center.
Find opportunities to connect with them and get their feedback fast with tools,
workflows and escalation paths to learn what’s working and what’s not.

Stay connected through the customer journey

Double down on establishing a strong two-way communication stream with
customers, both to convey important changes and timely information, as well
as to get a pulse for how customers are feeling about any changes. Mobile, SMS
and other messaging apps are key channels for facilitating communications at
key moments during a customer’s journey. This real-time dialogue empowers
customers to flag clunky experiences, giving brands the chance to recover
quickly. Don’t forget to check in with customers outside of one-off transactions
to ask them how you’re doing.

Deeper insights drive innovation

Innovation comes from listening to your customers and engaging on a deeper
level. Infrequent surveys and location-based interactions aren’t enough today.
Open-ended video feedback can provide more content and context to complex
issues. Finding new ways to deliver on what your customers want can also come
by directly collaborating with them. Crowdsourcing can help brands quickly
capture and collaborate on ideas from customers and employees in real time,
helping find solutions that bring customers back.

Think what next, not what now

Consumer expectations are changing faster than ever, and a digital experience
that meets expectations today may already be out of date tomorrow. To future
proof your digital brand in an uncertain world, build a scalable tech stack that
can grow with your customers’ expectations and your business and
employees’ needs.

Review your website, apps and all digital touchpoints, and ask yourself:

Can my customers find all the information they need?
Is my website/app easy to navigate?
What content or experiences would better serve the customer experience?
What aspect of my brand’s digital presence is causing customer frustration?
Are my customers engaged and am I getting real-time feedback from them?
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